MedyMatch and Watson team up in healthcare partnership

The last year has seen a number of fascinating projects deploying artificial intelligence to better analyze medical images.  Indeed, such use cases have emerged in […]

Using AI to predict sepsis

Sepsis is perhaps not an especially fashionable thing to target, yet it strikes over a million Americans each year, and kills more people per year […]

Using AI to detect a healthy or unhealthy brain

I’ve written before about a number of fascinating projects that are using machine learning and voice analysis to hunt for signs of conditions such as […]

How machine learning and data can improve cancer care

Over 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in America alone, but despite these huge volumes, a tiny amount register for clinical trials.  […]

How smart mobility can diagnose illness

There are a growing number of mobile and wearable tools that are capable of diagnosing various conditions.  Many of these tools look for proteins, biomarkers […]

Using AI to build the perfect diet for you

Diet sits at the heart of many of the issues facing healthcare systems in the western world, and an alarming number of western adults are […]

New Study Is Scathing Of DeepMind’s Use Of Patient Data

Google DeepMind were in the news recently after they announced the launch of a blockchain like ledger technology for storing medical data.  Whilst I urged […]

Using machine learning to detect epilepsy in children

Artificial intelligence has been making impressive strides in the past year or so, with a number of medical applications utilizing AI to spot problems in […]

Algorithm aims to provide earlier treatment for bone marrow complications

Recently I wrote about a novel project that was using AI to ensure organ transplants are more successful.  The Australian research team used the kind […]

Using machine learning to fight crime

Machine learning has been increasingly used in crime fighting in recent years, from early experiments in predictive policing to the use of facial recognition technology […]

Using AI to support materials science

The last year or so has seen a number of fascinating projects using AI to help our understanding of the physical world.  Mostly these projects […]

Using machine learning to speed up drug discovery

New drugs typically take 12-14 years to make it to market, with a 2014 report finding that the average cost of getting a new drug […]