The Need For Responsibility In Discussing The Future of Work

A recent report by the Royal Society into machine learning highlighted the importance of good PR when it comes to AI and the various risks […]

Teaching a machine to understand humans

Creating machines capable of learning has been an ongoing challenge for the AI industry for a while now.  There have been various projects that have […]

The Time For Action On Health Data Is Now

Recently I wrote about the boom in both big data and computational power having breathed life into the AI industry, and it’s a concept that’s […]

Using AI to stop epileptic seizures before they start

Recently I explored a fascinating project that utilized machine learning to detect epilepsy in children.  The research, which was a collaborative project between Young Epilepsy, […]

Using AI to predict heart attacks and strokes

I wrote recently about a partnership between Zebra Medical Vision and American healthcare provider Intermountain Healthcare that will see machine learning based analysis integrated into […]

Machine Learning Process Αnd Scenarios

The benefits out of the machine learning process can be outstanding, but it may not always succeed. This article explains the machine learning process and […]

Using AI to spot hate speech

A few years ago researchers at the University of Sussex experimented with the use of AI and social media data to detect hate crime.  The […]

Artificial Intelligence – Reinforcement Learning in Python

People usually don’t mean supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, when they talk about Artificial Intelligence. These kind of tasks are pretty trivial as compared to what […]

Introduction To Machine Learning

We’ll try to answer all the basic questions related to machine learning in this and the following articles; know what it is and what could […]

How machine learning helps identify toxicity in potential drugs

New drugs typically take 12-14 years to make it to market, with a 2014 report finding that the average cost of getting a new drug […]

Removing the unfairness from AI

AI has a tremendous amount of potential to improve our decision making, but it also has the potential to bake in the numerous biases that […]

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Businesses

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