What Is Microlearning And What Are The Most Important Microlearning Features?

There is a huge shift in the profile of employees in organizations today. They have less time on hand, huge deliverables and responsibilities, and need […]

#GuildChat for 06/30/17: What’s In a Name?

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, June 30th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is What’s In a Name. Many industries use a variety of […]

3 Common Microlearning Myths Debunked

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9 Ways To Support Learners Through Their Mobile Devices

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The Microlearning Hype: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

If ATD ICE had created a word cloud for the most talked-about “new” concepts, techniques, etc, microlearning would have been the biggest word. Though the […]

Learning Technologies Summer Forum: Microlearning, Our Thoughts

We had a great time at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum (LTSF), Kensington Olympia yesterday. The day was jam packed with a busy conference schedule, […]

5 Tips for Improving Responsive Design in Mobile eLearning

Mobile device usage is on the rise. In the U.S., people now spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on their desktops. […]

How to Develop Mobile-Friendly eLearning Courses for Your Organization

Mobile device usage is on the rise. Today’s learners are busy, tech-savvy and always online. They must be able to learn anytime, anywhere. That’s why […]

Free eBook: Microlearning - A Beginner's Guide To Powerful Corporate Training

When was the last time you sat down to read a manual to assemble a kit or repair something? When did you last read an […]


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Why Adopt Microlearning - 15 Questions Answered

While the concept of content chunking to create short trainings has been there for decades, microlearning is the flavor of the season and for several […]

Unicorn Summer Client Forum – Top Takeaways

Yesterday we held our Unicorn Summer Client Forum and welcomed over 70 guests to the O2 Intercontinental Hotel, North Greenwich. It was a busy day, […]