Going Ninja & the Covert Art of Hiding 70:20:10

You "train" a bear to ride a bike…and with enough bear treats and a Taser you can train a bear to ride just about anything. […]

How to keep ahead of the pack in your career

A routine complaint While working and even at the peak of the careers, one of the most common complaints is that people feel stuck in […]

A List Of 3 Pros and Cons of MOOCs!

MOOCs are the abbreviation of Massive Open Online Courses, a concept that is being considered by institutes of higher learning. This is in order to […]

MOOCs para empresas en Homuork

Desde LearningLovers.org tuvimos ocasión de conocer al equipo de Homuork durante la feria de ElearningExpo, en Ifema. Ahora hemos entrevistado a su equipo directivo para […]

How to improve MOOC completion rates in developing countries

The completion rate of MOOCs has been something of an open sore for sometime.  Equally perturbing is the relative homogeneity among the student body, with […]

Learning trends 2017: All hail the… VR?

‘All hail the kale’ was a big craze on the health food scene a year or so ago. Incidentally, that was the first thing that […]

College Algebra and Problem Solving

https://www.edx.org/course/college-algebra-problem-solving-asux-mat117x In this college level Algebra course, you will learn to apply algebraic reasoning to solve problems effectively. You’ll develop skills in linear and quadratic […]

English Grammar and Style

https://www.edx.org/course/english-grammar-style-uqx-write101x-3 Learn key concepts and strategies in grammar and style to help enhance your writing and confidently respond to the demand of high levels of […]

Tell Your Story in English: FREE course Feb. 27th - Mar. 26th, 2017

"Tell Your Story in English: Reading & Writing Skills for Language Learners" course is offered by Oregon University for FREE. It is designed to help develop […]


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Redacción en Internet

https://miriadax.net/web/redaccion-en-internet-2-edicion-/inicio En este curso se explican los elementos teóricos fundamentales de la escritura en Internet: hipertextualidad, interactividad y multimedialidad. Se muestra cómo explotar esas posibilidades […]

7 eLearning Gamification Elements to Get the Most Out of Serious Games

Make your serious games more effective with these eLearning gamification ideas From badges and boards to keys that open learning doors, there are a myriad […]