Create Love in the Classroom

(Originally created for Litmos blog 8/2016) Have you ever been in front of a group of training “captives”? They just aren’t feeling the love in the […]

Study examines cultural differences in workplace motivation

There have been no shortages of studies aiming to shed light on what motivates us and inspires great performance in the workplace.  A recent international […]

Let’s not get too praise dependent.

How often do you like getting praised? Let’s be honest, we all love being praised for ALL THE GOOD WORK that we’re doing and have […]

How To Beat Writing Procrastination

Procrastination. What a beautiful word. Go and wash your dishes. Sit and watch some TV series. Learn some recipes. Watch your photos for the second […]

All This Talk About Reading

All this talk about reading got me to thinking… It’s been a good month. We’ve been running our book giveaway extravaganza all through January. The […]

My Word for 2017

Towards the end of last year I starting thinking about my word for the coming year. I’ve seen posts on this before and recently I even […]

Beyond Gamification – Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part One

Microlearning with Intrinsic Reward Matrices: The Integration of Real Time Analytics, Just-in-Time Learning and High Intrinsic Motivation In this next series of 10 blog posts […]

International Symposium on Language, Autonomy and Motivation in Toyama

The Future of Foreign Language Education in a Global World: Exploring Motivation and Autonomy Dr Ema Ushioda will be in Toyama, Japan in February giving […]

Dude, Where’s My car? Fixing Brain Fog

Brain fog. We’ve all been there. The world gets fuzzy around the edges. We feel like we’re suffering from a bad case of jet lag. […]

How to Make Work Fun: 7 Companies That Get it Right

Now, more than ever, employers need to make work fun. Did you know that the average work week is around 40 hours long? This means […]

Motivation: Part Two

Gamification of Management An Invitation to Heiho (Tactics) The Japanese term “Heiho” means a couple of different things, depending upon its context of use. It […]

Do we really want some wriggle room to cheat on our goals?

When we set goals, I’m sure we like to think we’ll set out with the very best intention of meeting that goal.  Whilst that might […]