Active Learning Masterclass

The University of Sussex hosted an Active Learning Masterclass on the 6th June (#almsussex), a day of sharing strategies to turn students from passive spectators […]

Transforming Seminars with Padlet – Podcast Episode 10

How can we transform seminars using online collaboration? How can students develop digital skills and become active creators of multimedia learning resources? In this episode, we […]

Create compelling AR & VR apps quickly via the EON Creator AVR Enterprise & Education content builder

EON CREATOR AVR The EON Creator AVR Enterprise and Education content builder empowers non-technical users to create compelling AR and VR applications in minutes, not […]

A classroom of the future perhaps?

From DSC: A classroom of the future perhaps? These graphics depict VR-based chats/talk shows from @guntersuniverse          

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks

What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below to access two super cool and very useful tools can be […]

Faculty members & teachers: Do your students a huge favor & assign them a digital communications project next time.

From DSC and Adobe — for faculty members and teachers out there: Do your students an enormous favor by assigning them a digital communications project. […]

Veeery interesting. Alexa now adds visuals / a screen! With the addition of 100 skills a day, where might this new platform lead?

Amazon introduces Echo Show The description reads: Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video […]

Yesterday’s announcements from Microsoft — with a strong focus on education

Microsoft Announces New Laptops and OS Perfect for 21st-Century Students — from by Meghan Bogardus Cortez Windows 10 S, Surface Laptop and other updates […]

DC: Will Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. be “learning hubs” of the future? Apple announces their “Today at Apple” program

From DSC: After seeing the postings below, it made me wonder: Will Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. be “learning hubs” of the future? i.e., places that […]

Adobe updates its Creative Cloud; latest release features new capabilities in AI, VR, motion graphics, live animation, & audio

What’s New for Video and Audio (April 2017) | Adobe Creative Cloud       Adobe Creative Cloud Propels Video Forward at NAB 2017 — […]

Heads-up higher ed! These vendors can help us bring remote learners into our face-to-face based classrooms! [Christian]

From DSC: In terms of learning, having to be in the same physical place as others continues to not be a requirement nearly as much […]

New from Apple: Clips