Unconscious Bias – A Brand New Course

Whatever industry you work in, unconscious bias is a topic that has the power to affect us all. Every day, we make decisions about the […]

Say hello to our new partners!

Yes, you heard it here first – we’re delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with the folks over at Learning Heroes to bring you […]

Never stop learning: why self-education is so important for educators

By Catrin Cooper – Catrin Cooper is an edtech guru from New York. She loves science fiction and yoga.  She can be reached at coopercatrin@gmail.com.  An educator […]

A Great Teacher Is Always A Great Storyteller

By Prachi Jain About the author– Prachi is a writer and editor by profession, currently a freelancer (For any Freelance Assignments w.r.t Content Writing, Website […]

Snagit 13/4 New Features

As you may have guessed, I love Snagit and use it every day, all day long. But what you may not know is that even […]

5 Learning Series for K12 Education You Didn't Know Atomic Learning Has

Atomic Learning is constantly adding new learning modules addressing common challenges found in education today.  Here are 5 new series you may not have looked […]

A Message Can Be Life-Changing: A Parent’s Perspective

Guest Post by Kim Juelke, Marketing Strategist Like many of us with school age children, I recently attended my child’s parent-teacher conference. From day one […]

Help Students Be Mindful of Security and Safety Concerns

In a time when our society is becoming more and more aware of the importance of violence prevention and safety, Atomic Learning has partnered with […]

SketchUp for 3D Printing

Who better to speak to the topic of SketchUp for 3D Printing than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series herself? Guest Blog […]

TeachBack Free App For Real-time Instructor-student Feedback

TeachBack free app now available on all major smartphone platforms. TeachBack is now available on Android, for free in the Google Play app store. The feedback-focused […]

Home Schooling Pros and Cons

With a growth rate of 10 to 15% each year, home schooling is becoming quite a popular choice among parents. On an average, home schooled children […]

Handling That Tough Kid in Class

By Norman Gunter About the author: Norman is a marketing Executive, blogger, and trainer who loves life and loves helping people, especially the internet generation […]