Online Hours #EduBlogsClub

Getting work done for me revolves around my kids and their schedules (2007, 2011). This is an excellent prompt from #EduBlogsClub, share our work spaces! Allow […]

Three Things about SAMR

Recently I listened to SAMR described in a new way which changed my opinion of its immediate usefulness with educators. When you view popular SAMR graphics you may […]

Improve Your Online Teaching in a Few Simple Steps

Online courses have become an incredibly popular way for students and employees to advance their education or professional development. Teaching an online course requires different […]

What Faculty Need to Know About ‘Learner Experience Design’

Published on EdSurge 11.10.16 Somewhere between our collective obsession with predictive analytics and infatuation with adaptive learning, higher education wonks and practitioners are making time […]

Different but not Better

Educators are the nicest people you will ever meet. That makes it extra tough, but at some point “trying #edtech” is not enough. By only trying […]

The Forgotten Technology Partner, Home.

As an educator you can count on learning new technologies. But what about as a parent? How do you involve parents in classroom technology? As a parent, […]

Distribution of Learning

Three months. That’s a long time to distribute building a professional learning experience. However, I am proud of it for several reasons. I am also sad that […]

“Hello, My Name is #EdTech” EdTech Introductions

#EdTech Introductions, Part One Hello, my Name is #EdTech Educational technology, or EdTech, is a long running component of education, but how would one recognize it today? Allow me […]

Best Practices To Help You Be An Effective Online Teacher

It’s no secret that effective teachers are paramount to effective learning in the classroom, and in the case of online studies, the teaching principles and […]

Why experts should be teaching online

Free education is here to stay. And it is a big opportunity for experts. Now it is easier for them to start teaching online and […]

eLearning, Educational Technology or Technology in Education?

Edtech watch: If you have been reading us, you already know I love questions. And being a teacher, a self-taught eLearning instructor, and an honorary millennial, […]

Distributed Learning for Your Class Parents

As a classroom teacher you just know some things. You know some parents cannot make Open House, Curriculum Night, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and/or Parent Teacher Association […]