Privacy Watchdog Raises Alarms About "Spying" on Students Via Ed Tech

Results from an unscientific survey by the Electronic Frontier Foundation suggest parents and students are worried about surveillance in schools.

Student debt was at $1.3 trillion in 2016 per a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Press Briefing on Household Debt, with Focus on Student Debt — with thanks to Mr. Bryan Alexander for his […]

As our population gets older, providing these types of devices to employees would create WIN-WIN situations!

From DSC: As our population gets older, providing the types of devices (as listed below) to employees would create WIN-WIN situations for all involved — […]

Grants, scholarships, and fellowships for women []

Per Charlotte Wilson, Marketing, Open Education Database: The American Association for University Women recently reported that 53% of women have high student loan debt just […]

For Young People, News Is Mobile, Social, and Hard to Trust, Studies Find

"Fake news" is one of many reasons why tweens, teens, and young adults mistrust news organizations, according to studies from Common Sense Media and Data […]

Addressing the most common parent concerns about BYOD in schools

BYOD — Bring Your Own Device — has taken the education system by storm. The idea behind it is simple: students are allowed and encouraged […]

In W.Va., Teachers Turn Trump's 'Fake News' Attacks Into Teachable Moments

At West Virginia's Ripley High, teachers are developing media literacy skills in students who are trying to critically examine allegations about "fake news" and media […]

7 Tips to Help Online Students Get into College

Ready to take on college? Whether or not you’re at the point of filling out applications, it’s never too early to start building the habits […]

Can creativity be inherited?

Creativity is one of those qualities that is frequently sought after in employees, but what exactly renders one creative is much harder to quantify.  Researchers […]

Online Charter Students in Ohio Perform Far Worse Than Peers, Study Finds

A new NYU/RAND study found that Ohio e-schools tend to attract low-performing white students, who often fall quickly behind students in regular schools.

New Autopsy of inBloom Re-ignites Old Debates About Sharing Student Data

Three years after inBloom's demise, the ed-tech sector is still struggling to make sense of what went wrong - and how to address persistent data-sharing […]

The 4 Common Characteristics of Personalized Learning [Meyer]

The 4 Common Characteristics of Personalized Learning — from by Leila Meyer iNACOL offers ideas for implementing personalized learning in K-12 schools with the […]