5 Reasons Bespoke eLearning Gives Your Company A Competitive Advantage

Are you ready to take the leap and customize your online training course? In this article, I'll share the top tips to help you find […]

How Teaching and Learning Are Changing In Response To New Educational Technologies

Idea in Brief Technology is evolving the way educators teach and helping tech-savvy students stay more engaged in their classwork. Whether by incorporating innovative ways […]

Larry Cuban on Personalized Learning, Silicon Valley, and K-12: Q&A

Long an ed-tech skeptic, Stanford professor Larry Cuban came away "greatly impressed" from a year spent observing Summit Public Schools, AltSchool and approaches to personalized […]

Maker-First Steps in Electronics-The rotating and moving plastic container

.   . The rotating and moving plastic container Click image please to enlarge. . In previous blog post (tutorial) WE used a vibration motor […]

Maker-First Steps in Electronics-Soldering Learning-The Mini BUG Robot

. . The Mini BUG Robot In last blog post (tutorial) WE were practicing OUR soldering by creating “JOHNNY the ski-man“, a bit “Electronics-Art” using […]

Ed-Tech Research That Mattered in 2016

From the maker movement to online testing to the digital divide, 2016 was a big year for high-quality research on the promise and peril of […]

Making Learning Personal For All: The Growing Diversity in Today’s Classroom

http://app.assetdl.com/landingpage/digital-promise-growing-diversity-in-todays-classroom/ In the first of a series of papers exploring the growing body of research on learner diversity and variability, Making Learning Personal for All […]

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Top 6 eLearning Trends to Watch Out For 2017

Are you an eLearning designer, learning and development professional or an instructional designer? The year 2016 has been a great year in eLearning industry. This […]

What Is Blended Learning in Higher Ed? Six Definitions from Thought Leaders

Blended learning — the hybrid of classroom instruction and online learning  — is gaining traction because it has the potential to engage students and improve […]

Seven Blended Learning Models Used Today in Higher Ed

Blended learning, also called hybrid learning, fuses traditional face-to-face classroom teaching with online instruction. It’s a simple concept, but it becomes more complex when you […]

Assessment in Proficiency-Based Classrooms

3 examples using blended learning Let’s explore how some Vermont teachers are shifting their instruction and assessment practices to move all students toward proficiency. Three […]