Celebrating 500.000 email invitations and an important notice

Eliademy today reached a new milestone. Over 500.000 email invitations were sent in the last 30 days. This is a significant milestone that keeps us […]

Eliademy shining new updates

We have done many updates on our servers this month. Now the users can sign into Eliademy using their LinkedIn accounts. The feature is not […]

Introducing Administrate University!

At Administrate, you will often hear us talking about dogfooding, which might sound a bit off-putting, but is actually about how we use our own […]

Our SurveyMonkey Integration is Now Live!

In December we announced that we were running a trial for our SurveyMonkey integration. We’re happy to announce that the trial period is now complete […]

Xero Administrate Integration Goes Live on the Xero Marketplace

Last year we launched the trial phase for our Xero Integration. During this phase we have made both technical and user experience improvements, based on […]

NEW FEATURE: Add Google Drive Videos into Google Slides Presentations!

Starting Today, Teachers can create student safe video content and right from inside of Google Drive, present these videos inside of Google Slides Presentations The […]

Introducing Our API Improvements

Last week we launched the latest batch of improvements to our API, aimed at helping customers build ecommerce sites for selling their training. Administrate has out […]

Create and Manage Your Courses Faster and Easier!

At Administrate we’re passionate about continuously improving our product based on the feedback we receive from customers. Our most recent addition has been an update […]

Bonjour, Namaste, Hola!

We’re excited to announce that our Learning Management System now supports ten different languages. Administrate now comes in Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, French […]

Introducing our SurveyMonkey Integration

Had enough of monkeying around with individual feedback input? With our new SurveyMonkey integration you can easily send out customised SurveyMonkey surveys to your students […]

Why Administrate Publishes A Product Roadmap

Shortly after announcing it at the annual LITE conference in September, the product team at Administrate has begun to publish our product roadmap for the […]

Make frontend UI libraries great again (with npm and living style-guides)

Over the last 2/3 weeks I’ve been building out a front-end UI library for internal use at Pathship. Something most web startups don’t have… Continue […]