In Real Life: Don't Leave Your L&D Team Behind by JD Dillon

As L&D professionals, we often find ourselves in chase mode as we try to keep up with our stakeholders’ evolving strategies. We therefore must become […]

Professional Development in Instructional Design

In the absence of growth, atrophy. The world is constantly changing, and as a learning professional, your role is constantly shifting. To remain relevant and […]

Great opportunity for Seattle educators attending NCCE 2017!

ATTENTION SEATTLE AREA EDUCATORS – We have a NEW opportunity for you to start your NCCE 2017 adventure on Wednesday, March 22 while you travel […]

Flow Theory: Captivate Learner Attention With Online Training

Deep concentration puts people in a state of calm while immersed in a learning activity that is so engaging that time is forgotten. Research shows […]

Online Education: Your Chance To Enhance Job Skills In Today’s World

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Robots will take jobs, but not as fast as some fear, new report says [Lohr;]

Robots will take jobs, but not as fast as some fear, new report says — from by Steve Lohr   Excerpt: The robots are […]

8 Resources Exploring Learning Experience Design (LX Design)

LX Design Brings Together Numerous Learning Disciplines describes Learning Experience Design (LX Design) as, “the process of creating learning experiences that... [Please click on the […]

Thinking In Teams: A Vital Survival Skill For Modern Life

If you google “the most important survival skills in modern life” you will come up with everything from searching the internet, connecting to a Wi-Fi, […]

Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change. “The classic model of education…is breaking down.” [The Economist]

Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change — from by It is easy to say that people need to keep learning throughout their […]

Utilizing Psychology in Instructional Design

In my previous post , I briefly introduced the different types of learning, both primary and secondary, and explained how each learning style can be […]

Education and Brains: Getting the Most from Today’s EdTech

One of my recent posts,“Don’t Be a Luddite, Technology is Here to Stay,” made the point that educational technology is not as unnatural as it […]

5 Podcasts Every Educator Should Have on Their Playlist

Listening to podcasts is just one way to follow the technological shift happening in education. Podcasts provide an opportunity to hear about innovative teaching practices […]