A “first of its kind” using blockchain’s digital ledger technology [Barlyn]

AIG teams with IBM to use blockchain for ‘smart’ insurance policy — from reuters.com by Suzanne Barlyn Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Insurer American International Group Inc […]

Web host agrees to pay $1m after it’s hit by Linux-targeting ransomware [Goodin]

Web host agrees to pay $1m after it’s hit by Linux-targeting ransomware — from arstechnica.com by Dan Goodin Windfall payment by poorly secured host is […]

Learning about Dot and Dash from @WonderWorkshops

Bryan Miller joins TeacherCast to talk about Dot and Dash from Wonder Workshop | By using free apps and an iPad or iPhone, you can […]

Gender bias in open source programming

Silicon Valley has long been accused of being overly homogeneous, especially in terms of gender.  It’s resulted in a number of initiatives aiming to help […]

Apple announces HomePod — its answer to Amazon’s Echo — plus other announcements from Apple’s WWDC

From Apple itself: Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017 <— recording of today’s keynote address   HomePod reinvents music in the home San Jose, California — […]

Learn Golang – Go Programming Language Course Online

Golang language is initially developed at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson(the same individuals who created the C programming language, Unix, and […]

2017 is the year of artificial intelligence. Here’s why. [weforum.org]

2017 is the year of artificial intelligence. Here’s why. — from weforum.org Excerpt (emphasis DSC): A recent acceleration of innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it […]

“The Slickest Things Google Debuted at Its Big Event”+ several other items from Google I/O

The Slickest Things Google Debuted [on 5/17/17] at Its Big Event — from wired.com by Arielle Pardes Excerpt (emphasis DSC): At this year’s Google I/O, the company’s […]

Why We Need to Teach Kids How to Code

Did you know that STEM education is not just about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? By laying a solid foundation of critical thinking skills, we […]

DC: 12,000+ skills on Amazon’s new platform — Alexa. What will this new platform mean/deliver?

From DSC: There are now more than 12,000+ skills on Amazon’s new platform — Alexa.  I continue to wonder…what will this new platform mean/deliver to […]

Behind the Scenes of a Conference – Reviewing Session Proposals

If you’ve ever proposed to speak at a conference then you’re pretty familiar with your end of the process: you fill out a proposal form […]

“Complete guide to VR careers ” [Metry] plus “VR jobs jump in the job market” [Strauss]

Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Careers — from vudream.com by Mark Metry Excerpt: So you want to jump in the illustrious intricate pool of Virtual […]