DC: 12,000+ skills on Amazon’s new platform — Alexa. What will this new platform mean/deliver?

From DSC: There are now more than 12,000+ skills on Amazon’s new platform — Alexa.  I continue to wonder…what will this new platform mean/deliver to […]

Behind the Scenes of a Conference – Reviewing Session Proposals

If you’ve ever proposed to speak at a conference then you’re pretty familiar with your end of the process: you fill out a proposal form […]

“Complete guide to VR careers ” [Metry] plus “VR jobs jump in the job market” [Strauss]

Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Careers — from vudream.com by Mark Metry Excerpt: So you want to jump in the illustrious intricate pool of Virtual […]

Learn Spark Online

If you are interested to jump into the world of Python, Spark, and Big Data, this is the course for you. Learn Spark (the latest Big […]

Artificial Intelligence – Reinforcement Learning in Python

People usually don’t mean supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, when they talk about Artificial Intelligence. These kind of tasks are pretty trivial as compared to what […]

Machine learning and data science skills

What to look for when hiring an entry-level data scientist? — from datasciencecentral.com Excerpt: What I look for the most is some signal that the […]

Why Your School Should Invest in a 3D Printer by @Sarah_Darren

3D printing may not have made it to our everyday lives yet, but it's being used more than we think across many different global industries, […]

Deep Learning – Recurrent Neural Networks in Python

Like the course  just released on Hidden Markov Models, Recurrent Neural Networks are all about learning sequences but whereas Markov Models are limited by the […]

R Programming-Advanced Analytics In R For Data Science

Do you want to truly become proficient at Data Science and Analytics with R? If yes, then this course is for you that will take […]

No Coins Needed: Retro Arcade Game Project Update

A few weeks ago I shared the scoop about a few of my high school independent study Tech Club students—also known as the SWAT Team […]

Developer Trends To Watch Out For

source: http://blog.westmonroepartners.com What language should you learn? Is C# more popular than other languages in the day? Are all developers working remotely? How satisfied are […]

Machine Learning – Hands On Python & R In Data Science

Are you Interested in the field of Machine Learning? Then this online course is for you! This online course has been designed by two professional Data […]