Data sharing is key to overcoming the reproducibility crisis

The opening up of the data that underpins scientific research is something I’ve long supported, and whilst a degree of progress has been made in […]

Why do eggs have so many shapes?

A massive new study finds that how much a bird flies influences how their egg rolls OK. Great webpage, design-wise. BUT, I have TWO problems […]

Online Classes for K-12 Students: 10 Research Reports You Need to Know

Research on the effectiveness of online courses for K-12 students remains limited, but here are 10 of the best studies available.

What sort of education will you need to be employable in the future?

From DSC: Given the increasing use of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence…how should the question of “What sort of education will you need to be […]

Hull City of Culture and the digital shift

2017 is Hull City of Culture. In 2003 we were trashed as the top Crap Town   What does culture mean? Let’s take a look because language […]

Giving feedback

For the supervisor, feedback is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the whole supervision process. The intention of feedback is to enable the recipient to […]

Notes from an interview: Reflecting on my positions on education

I had recently interviewed for a university lecturer position and the preparation I had done ahead of that seemed to be a worthwhile process in […]

weed and write this bank holiday weekend

Am all Ph-Deed out and the allotment is a mess. The photo above is my floor at home. Is it familiar? Does anyone else have […]

The rise of social scholarship

A few years ago I covered several studies that explored the relationship between academics and social media.  The general gist was that academics weren’t taken […]

The paradox of researchers and open data

I’ve written a few times over the past couple of years about the open science movement, and the strong rationale behind freely sharing not just […]

me and mendelay are mates

How much is too much? Or not enough? Overload warning – drowning not waving – data data everywhere. Explode. Head. Ready. Weekends and bank holidays are for […]

Ed Week at AERA 2017: 'Knowledge to Action,' With an Eye on Computer Science

The country's largest meeting of education researchers begins Thursday. Education Week's Benjamin Herold and Sarah Sparks will be there, reporting on the research that matters […]