The ethics of cyber-physical systems

Robots are becoming more pervasive, not just in industrial environments, but in our homes, hospitals, airports and shops.  So called cyber-physical systems (CPS) are intelligent […]

The Five Best STEM Toys That Will Teach Kids How to Code By @Davish241

Toys that enhance children's STEM skills are becoming extremely popular, but this year, toy manufacturers have started focusing on one important key component of the […]

A smorgasboard of ideas to put on your organization’s radar! [Christian]

From DSC: At the Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference, held recently in San Diego, CA, I moderated a panel discussion re: AR, VR, and MR.  […]

The robot being developed to help teach autistic children

Last year I wrote about a new robot that was designed to care for children.  The machine, called NAO, is capable of reading the mood of […]

Trying to think of some summer programs to offer? Check these out!

Summer 2017 Human++ — Human-Machine Intelligence, Hacking Drones, Bio Fashion, Augmented Video Games, Aerial Filmmaking, Smart Tools, Soft Robotics and more! Excerpt: NuVu is a […]

The robotic arm that can pick your delicate fruit and veg

I’ve written a few times about the use of robotics in retail in the past few years, whether it’s the automated stock control system developed […]

Growth of AI Means We Need To Retrain Workers… Now [Wibberley]

Growth of AI Means We Need To Retrain Workers… Now — from by Ryan Wibberley Excerpt: On the more positive side, AI could take […]

New research aims to pioneer culturally aware robots

I’ve written several times about the growth in the use of robots in care home environments, with companies such as IBM and Softbank among the […]

Maker-First steps in electronics-knowing WHERE to buy the stuff-Electronics Distributors

. . WHERE to buy the electronics stuff!? I am getting very often asked from persons WHO follow my curation (ideas for makerspaces) and my blog […]

“Your Next Personal Robot Could Be Professor Einstein”

Your Next Personal Robot Could Be Professor Einstein       From DSC: By the way, I’m not posting this to suggest that professors/teachers/trainers/etc. are […]

Walking into your local cafe, would you like a robot barista? See this item from J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.

From J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Weekly Roundup      From DSC: For me, using robots for baristas could take away from the charm/overall experience of […]

Meet the robot capable of artificially pollinating plants

Bees have been a popular topic of study for sometime due to their social nature and ability to develop complex social structures with little of […]