Does Digital Media Have a Place in Hands-On Science Learning Space?

I reached out to Rebecca Bray, the chief of experience development at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., to learn about […]

What is STEM and what is STEAM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Image courtesy of Why are they important? […]

Diversity Makes Design Sense

The 2017 NCES report “Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering” notes that the participation of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities […]

The 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts [Cassella;]

The 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts — from by Giorgio Cassella Excerpt: If you work in education, you’ll know […]

2 items re: Lifeliqe and Mixed Reality (MR) in the classroom

Lifeliqe Piloting Mixed Reality on Microsoft HoloLens for Grade 6-12 Classrooms — from by Richard Chang Excerpt: Using interactive 3D models and lesson plans […]

Earth day activities for your classroom!

Earth Day 2017 is fast approaching on April 22nd. We have compiled a list of resources for your classroom to celebrate and learn about this […]

Aliens and Explosions

This post was written by FLVS student Sarah Weyand about her award-winning research in astrophysics. My science fair journey began about a year ago. I […]

Conducting citizen science whilst rehabilitating

I’ve written previously about some fascinating applications of new technology to help people with their rehabilitation.  Another good example of how the field is being […]

The Most Innovative Research Institutions

Innovation is one of those things that most companies want to be good at, but the desire to be innovative is not just restricted to […]

“The Enterprise Gets Smart” + AI principles from the 2017 Asilomar Conference

The Enterprise Gets Smart Companies are starting to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bolster customer experience, improve security and optimize operations. Excerpt: […]

The Edtech Smackdown: Volume I

Welcome to the first edition of The Edtech Roundup—a collection of digital resources containing a few of my most favorite activities curated from various social […]

CBSE 2017 Class 10 Science: Question Paper Free Download and Analysis

Dear CBSE Class 10 Science Students, In this article, we are going to analyse CBSE 2017 Class 10 Science question paper. You will also be able to […]