Coaching our way to better mental health

Early mobile health apps were quite passive affairs in that they provided a range of monitoring services, but didn’t provide a great deal of advice […]

The state of university-business collaboration in Europe

When you’re looking to innovate, it’s useful to have a good understanding of the businesses and technologies that are emerging both in your industry and […]

Smart Bandages Edge Closer To Market

Back in 2015 I looked at an innovative new bandage from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, which used electrical currents to detect tissue […]

The role culture plays in MOOC success

As MOOCs have grown in popularity, so too have attempts to improve them, whether that’s in terms of the demographics of the student body, the […]

Guiding principles for data driven organizations

Big data has received no shortage of hype in the past few years, but successful implementations are relatively thin on the ground.  This post will […]

Juggling identities at work

Most of us have a range of different identities, and this is certainly true at work, where we may be a manager and a salesperson, […]

How Technology Is Supporting Parents of Autistic Children

Attempts to reduce the effects of autism on child development have been a hot topic for researchers for sometime now, and with good cause.  It’s […]

Upping integrity in scientific research

I wrote recently about a study that urged greater transparency in the work of patient advocacy groups, and especially the financial backing they receive for […]

Using AI to spot hate speech

A few years ago researchers at the University of Sussex experimented with the use of AI and social media data to detect hate crime.  The […]

Gaming your way to better investor profiling

The EU Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) that is due to come into force next year requires that financial advisors acquire a risk profile of […]

Policy makers are sleep walking into our AI future

The impact automation might have on our way of working is something I’ve touched on numerous times in the past year.  I’ve attempted to look […]

Paper explores the movement of knowledge throughout the EU

Talent is crucial not only to the fortunes of a nation, but to the capabilities of individual organizations, so it is perhaps no surprise that […]