How praising an individual can raise the performance of the group

Everyone likes a bit of praise, whether in our professional or personal lives, and various studies have examined the impact praise has on performance and […]

Making it easier to clean big data

Big data is great, but it’s only really useful if you can derive insights from it.  With much of the data we harvest somewhat messy […]

Supercomputers and AI improve MRI scanning

MRI scans are a common tool in the armory of the modern doctor.  Such scans are usually very expensive and can take days to generate […]

How technology is supporting therapy and rehab

Robots have been taking on a growing range of healthcare related tasks in recent times, from operating in care homes to engaging with children before […]

Providing real-time mapping for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are becoming ever more capable, and if they are to be successful, and safe, when operating on our roads, they need extremely effective […]

Marrying VR and 3D printing to prepare surgeons

I’ve written previously about an interesting new startup called EchoPixel who use virtual reality to help prepare surgeons for the operation they’re about to undertake. […]

Innovations stopping the spread of infection in hospitals

Infections in hospital are a persistent concern, with a recent report suggesting that the cost is around $10 billion in the US alone.  I wrote […]

Dresses built according to your lifestyle

Whilst companies such as Zara have pioneered the concept of ‘fast fashion’ that responds rapidly to the changing demands of consumers, the concept of affordable […]

How the Learning Health System Network supports translational research

The Learning Health System Network (LHSNet) is a clinical data research network that’s designed to support the kind of medical research that improves patients lives.  […]

Hyperinnovation at Cisco

It’s widely acknowledged that much of the innovation we encounter in life derives from ‘the edge’, where two worlds collide.  In academic terms, it’s the […]

Bringing sports analytics to a cricket ball

The number of new sporting products emerging with data tracking, and subsequently AI, capabilities built into them has mushroomed in recent years. I’ve covered a […]

Spillikin and the portrayal of robots in popular culture

Last summer the Science Museum launched an exhibition charting the 500 year history of robotics.  Featuring a unique collection of over 100 robots, from a […]