#lthechat to hybridity, a journey of 800 words

This week’s #lthechat (no 87- what will 100 be?) was about CPD or, to be more precise,  Professional Development Challenges in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and led […]

Teachers' Union Faces Backlash Over Publication on Personalized Learning

A story published in the magazine of the National Education Association sparked sharp criticism from some teachers and activists concerned about software-driven personalized learning.

Is the Blue Whale Game Really Causing Kids to Kill Themselves?

Last week, our Safety Management team received a considerable number of inquiries from educators concerned about the game “Blue Whale,” which has ostensibly resulted in […]

50 popular hashtags to help develop your professional learning

What is a hashtag? Hashtags for the uninitiated are those words you see sometimes with the # symbol in front of them. Many of my […]

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

2017 Internet Trends Report — from kpcb.com by Mary Meeker     Mary Meeker’s 2017 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis — from […]

How should students — as well as Career Services Groups — respond to the growing use of AI in peoples’ job searches?

From DSC: In reviewing the item below, I wondered: How should students — as well as Career Services Groups/Departments within institutions of higher education — respond […]

Nuts and Bolts: Working Out Loud Week 2017 by Jane Bozarth

“Working out loud” doesn’t mean broadcasting every moment of every day, or crowing about every accomplishment, or only showing final, polished work products. Rather, it’s […]

Importance of Emphasizing Digital Citizenship

Today was the last day to turn in assignments for seniors at my school and I was reading one of the final portfolios and was […]

Technology and the student journey: introducing phase two of LSE 2020

Written by Emma Wilson (@MindfulEm), Research and Evaluation Graduate Intern for LTI. This blog post is one in a series of articles that will catalogue the process […]

Harvard Rescinds Admissions Offers Over Facebook Posts: Report

At least 10 students had their admissions offers revoked after making offensive posts to a Facebook group chat, the Harvard Crimson reported.

7 Good Ed-Tech Stories You Might Have Missed

From teens-and-screens to cybersecurity jobs to online courses, strong ed-tech-related stories abounded at the Education Writers Association's 2017 national seminar.

Platform Capitalism in the Classroom

Platform capitalism is the new global business model in an age of social media platforms, big data analytics and tech-centered venture capital investment. The big […]