Video Interaction with Closed Captions

This week’s Articulate E-learning Challenge was to create an interaction in Storyline using only shades of grey or in other words, black and white. As […]

Elevate Your eLearning: How To Storyboard Like A Boss

by Claire Narum Good eLearning doesn’t simply create itself (though that would be great, wouldn’t it?). Just like every Beyoncé starts by singing into a […]

How to Use Google Fonts with Variable References

Have you ever wanted to display a variable reference in your Storyline course using a special font, only to find that it isn’t possible? Or […]

Some Recent Demos Just for Fun

Accordion Menu using Motion Paths Checklist with Timer

Playing Games With Articulate 360

Unless you live under a rock you probably know that Articulate 360 is out. Articulate 360 includes new versions of Storyline, Studio and Replay which have […]

Dial Me In – There’s a New Dial Object in Storyline 360

Storyline 360 has a added a dial object to it’s cast of interactive objects. I wanted to try out this new feature so created this little […]

2017 is a Green New Year

Pantone has picked Greenery as the 2017 colour of the year because of the fresh new start the colour invokes. I think we could all use […]

My Fav Photo Treatments

There are all kinds of techniques you can apply to stock photo images to shake up your design. Here are a few of my go-to image treatments for […]

Interactive BMI Calculator

Here is a nifty Body Mass Index calculator that I created in Storyline 2 a while ago as part of a larger project.  The calculations are kind […]

Looking Down on Elearning

I ordered a drone last year thinking that it  might be easier for people to learn certain tasks if they could view the steps from a […]

Getting the Hover State to Behave Itself

Have you ever found that the hover state in Storyline doesn't work the way that you want it to? Maybe you're keen on having the […]

Branching scenario design out loud #8: into Storyline

This is the final part of Branching Scenario Design Out Loud. Having run through the prototype in Quandary as much as we could (I didn’t […]