LMS Engagement Pro Tips

5 Strategies to Spike Utilization Your LMS needs TLC – to spike utilization enfold these LMS engagement pro tips into your digital learning strategy. Welcoming […]

Has cutting your way to greatness ever worked? [Reed]

Has cutting your way to greatness ever worked? — from insidehighered.com by Matt Reed  I can’t think of a time that it has, yet it […]

What are the ramifications for higher education re: the *massive* changes beginning to take place due to AI, automation, & robotics?

From DSC: The recent pieces below made me once again reflect on the massive changes that are quickly approaching — and in some cases are […]

Classical and Rigorous

A recent twitter spat led me to some reflections, and I thought I’d share.  In short, an individual I do not know attacked one of […]

Behind the Buzzwords

What eLearning trends mean for Associations As digital learning opportunities swell across industries, trend watchers predict which shifts organizations should heed. Buzzwords like microlearning, mobile […]

Association eLearning Challenge

What can you do with $500? You are officially invited to my Association eLearning Challenge. With $500 and my learning design powers, I’m going to […]

Leveraging Technology

I was listening to a tale recounting a time when an organization was going through a change, and had solicited help.  And the story surprised me.  The […]

Reflections on “The Hidden Costs of Active Learning” [Mennella]

The Hidden Costs of Active Learning — from by Thomas Mennella Flipped and active learning truly are a better way for students to learn, but […]

Continual Exploration

I was reading about Digital Business Platforms, which is a move away from  siloed IT systems to create a unified environment. Which, naturally, seems like a sensible […]

Exploration Requirements

In yesterday’s post, I talked about how new tools need to be coupled with practices to facilitate exploration. And I wanted to explore more (heh) […]

Adaptive or just good design?

A few posts ago, I wrote about how we might be rushing too fast into cognitive computing. Not that there’s anything wrong with augmenting us, but […]

10 Games Every Learning Pro Should Play

You’ve heard of gamification. Everyone has (and if you haven’t, just ask us.) However, some eLearning modules are passed off as games without proper consideration. […]