10-Part “Advanced Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind!” Part 1 – Fundations Progress Monitoring Sheet

On February 16th, 2017, I gave a presentation to a packed house entitled “10 Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind (plus some tips and tricks).” […]

BBC Micro:bit course

Make the most of your free BBC computers and find out what they can do… A short high impact course for teachers The Micro:bit is […]

Cheap or free hacks to redesign your classroom

Back in my school days classrooms were pretty standard: double desks with a small built-in space for your backpack, the teacher’s desk at the front, […]

3 ways to shift the level of engagement of students in classroom!

If you want to shift the level of engagement at the classroom for your students, then you are one among the forward thinkers who wish […]

Will a Teacher becoming a Role Model, an easy way to help students?

This might comprehend as a brilliant question as to find reasons to become a role model, you are here to understand the smart personal branding […]

Character metaphors – an online resource.

I recently did some writing for Scholastic.  It was an online resource which supports children when writing metaphors. Click here for the full resource. Tagged: […]

FLVS Students and Staff Give Back

Random acts of kindness are enough to make anyone’s day. Whether it is holding a door open, paying it forward in line at Starbucks, or […]

Supporting students achieve deep learning

People can remember easily what happened a week or a month ago, but as time passes by, it becomes harder to hold on to memories. […]

The power of simulations over the learning process

Remember Dee Dee from Dexter’s Lab and her signature line Ooooh… What does this button do? Just like Dee Dee, when children ask this question […]

Get students learning by MAKING quizzes instead of TAKING quizzes.

QuizPedia is a fun and engaging learning tool that can be used in primary education and onwards. And it’s free! How is it different to […]

My article for Teach Primary Magazine: Teaching Using Virtual Reality.

I recently wrote for Teach Primary Magazine.  The article explains how to use virtual reality in the classroom. Please subscribe to Teach Primary Magazine to […]

Networks for Lifelong Learning: A Tale of Two Students [November]

Networks for Lifelong Learning: A Tale of Two Students — from novemberlearning.com by Alan November Excerpts: Where to begin in leading this shift? There are […]