Portrait of the Modern Learner by Pamela S. Hogle

Though most generational stereotypes are inaccurate, modern learners do differ from learners of the past in significant ways, most notably in their expectations of eLearning.

In Real Life: What I've Learned After 15 Years of Playing Games at Work by JD Dillon

Practical takeaways from using game elements to support workplace learning.

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All fired up about xAPI? Maybe you were at an xAPI Camp at a Guild conference, read a blog post, or checked out some demos, […]

New eBook: 22 Best Gamification Practices by Kat Gore

Designers and firms have embraced gamification and are committed to getting it right and driving a positive change. The eLearning Guild’s new free eBook, Getting […]

The Ageless SME: Logic Puzzles, Articulate Storyline 2, and a Seven-Year-Old Math Whiz by Marlia Weisse

No matter the age or the expertise of your subject matter experts (SMEs), the process for developing high-quality learning products that meet their requirements is […]

Marc My Words: I Took a Birding Course and Got a Lesson in Performance Support by Marc Rosenberg

“Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I recently took a birding course. Exciting, huh? The four-hour course, offered by the Rookery […]

Using a Three-Act Structure to Create Simple and Effective Scenarios for eLearning by Stacey Maloney

The rise of scenario-based training and gamification in eLearning demands creative writing skills that were not necessary in years past. However, developing simple scenarios with […]

Research Spotlight: Creating Digital Awareness with Interactive Video by Sharon Vipond

This case study describes how a cross-functional team at PwC, a global professional services network, used interactive video to support a learning and marketing program […]

Nuts and Bolts: Social Tools for Learning: 2017 by Jane Bozarth

Social tools evolve quickly, and keeping up is a fun and sometimes daunting challenge. Are you one of those who can see past a tool’s […]

Moodle in Corporate eLearning Mirrors Higher Education Trends by Brian Carlson

In late February 2017, Moodle marked a historic milestone by surpassing over 100 million registered users worldwide who are utilizing the free open-source system through […]

Toolkit: Koantic: Something Different … and Cool by Joe Ganci

Koantic is a tool of the modern video age. It is web-based as almost all modern tools are. You can import video, edit it, and […]

In Real Life: Is Your Organization Ready for an L&D Evolution? by JD Dillon

L&D is seeking to evolve its strategies and tactics to provide value in the modern workplace, but are the people we support throughout our organizations […]