Using Social Media in eLearning by Marie Miguel

Social media is part of many lives, at work and elsewhere. People at least add to their knowledge through social media, and sometimes to their […]

Getting Started with xAPI: Four Lines of Code by Anthony Altieri

You can use xAPI to track a lot of different things. And at first, it might sound overly difficult, to the point of almost being […]

In Real Life: Modern Learning Is Spelled V-A-L-U-E by JD Dillon

Value is the ultimate qualifier in terms of learning strategy effectiveness. Therefore, when modernizing our learning practices, we must ask whether our efforts provide value […]

Microlearning in China by Zhaoliang Qiu and Wei He

Relying on pervasive smartphones, microlearning is playing an increasingly vital role in the corporate learning ecosystem. Corporate microlearning has made a great leap forward in […]

Marc My Words: Rooting Out Waste in Training Programs—Project Level Factors by Marc Rosenberg

Learning not taking hold in your organization? It may be because you have lots of training activities, but also have lots of training waste. Waste […]

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Everybody says it: Virtual reality will revolutionize education. In this column, you’ll find an example lesson plan to demonstrate to teachers and instructional designers just […]

Nuts and Bolts: Designing for Learner Success—First, Do No Harm by Jane Bozarth

eLearning designers and developers spend a lot of time on assessments, particularly things like quizzes, knowledge checks, and tests. It’s easy to fall into blame-the-learner […]

MVP Is the Key to Agile Project Management by Pamela S. Hogle

Agile project management enables teams to create intelligent iterations and manage change. It all hinges on the MVP.

xAPI Camp Recap: Learning Solutions 2017, Orlando by Nick Washburn

xAPI Camps offer a day-long immersive experience around the Experience API. Intended to help participants understand the totality of what is possible with xAPI, the […]

Portrait of the Modern Learner by Pamela S. Hogle

Though most generational stereotypes are inaccurate, modern learners do differ from learners of the past in significant ways, most notably in their expectations of eLearning.

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Practical takeaways from using game elements to support workplace learning.

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