E-Learning along the curve: knowledge worker learning needs

Formally-structured approaches to learning are best deployed to novice knowledge workers in the relevant discipline or skill area. Continue Reading → The post E-Learning along […]

2014 Training Industry Report

https://trainingmag.com/sites/default/files/magazines/2014_11/2014-Industry-Report.pdf Only U.S.-based corporations and educational institutions with 100 or more employees were included in the analysis. Agencies of the state, local, and federal government […]

The Cost of Doing Nothing

When a business starts, priority number one is survival. Founders paying their own wages, and employees dependant on them paying theirs, is a scary prospect. […]

Find Your MVLP — Most Valuable Learning Professional [Quiz]

If you read Teresa’s blog post last week, you’ll know exactly why we love recommending the staff aug resourcing model for some of our clients. If you […]

The Complete Customer Onboarding Checklist

It’s onboarding time -- the most critical time in the relationship with your customer! They don’t really know you or your product yet, their hopes […]

Quotes for Thought

How to Provide Training for Small Businesses

We all love life’s little luxuries, don’t we? But times change, and what were once luxuries become necessities. That’s the situation today with training for […]

Looking for Moodle training – Check out these courses by HRDNZ starting from 1st October #Moodletraining

Are you a Moodle enthusiast looking to hone your Moodle skills? Whether you are a Moodle teacher, administrator, developer or a designer, you need to […]

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 08/14/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: the future of digital learning the growth of wearable technology in manufacturing why training can fail […]

Blended Learning 101: Basics, Benefits & Best Practices

According to our research, the overwhelming majority of organizations use a blended learning strategy to deliver training. Blended learning is the norm, not the exception. This […]

Staff Aug, Outsourcing, and Choosing the Best Fit for YOUR Needs

Even after many years as a Client Relationship Executive, I still feel the adrenaline rush of helping a client determine how to get their employee […]

Learn How to Select an LMS for Customer Training

When developing an eLearning program for customer or partner training, it’s important to understand the unique characteristics of your learning audience, and know what different […]