Webinar recording: Measuring the business impact of learning

Yesterday LEO and Watershed came together for a webinar on the topic of measuring the business impact of learning – the latest in a series […]

Why choose elearning?

What is elearning? Elearning is a term used to define the practice of using an electronic device to access educational materials. The term ‘elearning’ was […]

Putting the learner at the heart of blended learning in Defence

The Defence industry has been using TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) applications for many years, and examples of good practice have often been prevalent. Today, the […]

Learning, resources and communications

In the learning technology industry, the distinction between resources, learning and communications is very important. A lot of organisations will identify a need for ‘learning’ […]

How to future-proof your workforce

The latest ebook from LEO “The power of business processes – how to future-proof your workforce” sheds light on the key areas where business processes […]

Getting to know… Carly Patterson

As part of our ‘Getting to Know’ series of blog posts, we’re talking to central members of the LEO family so you can learn a […]

NextSteps 2017 London: A look back

NextSteps 2017, the event from sister-company NetDimensions which took place yesterday in London, is the year’s most important opportunity for their clients and partners to […]

What the future of pharmaceutical industry learning looks like

It seems today as if every corner of the business world is facing a rapid rate of change – from shifting markets and customer demographics, […]

Measuring learning impact – Mike Rustici answers your questions

I recently presented a segment on big data as part of LEO’s Measuring the Business Impact of Learning event in April. While the event took […]

Getting To Know… Imogen Casebourne

As part of our ‘Getting To Know’ series of blog posts, we’ve been chatting to different members of the LEO team for you to get […]

Getting to Know … Kelli Hale

As part of our ‘Getting To Know’ series of blog posts, we’ve been speaking to LEO team members from around the world. For this post, […]

The rise of the multi-tenant Moodle

Back in 2013, when LEO released its first multi-tenant Moodle instance, we thought we were servicing a fairly narrow customer segment: resellers of learning content. […]