15 items re: AR, VR, and MR

    Adobe unveils new Microsoft HoloLens and Amazon Alexa integrations — from geekwire.com by Nat Levy         Introducing the AR Landscape […]

Imagine the possibilities here! A cognitive-enabled interactive whiteboard that uses voice recognition, takes notes/actions, & translates languages!

(Below emphasis via DSC) IBM and Ricoh have partnered for a cognitive-enabled interactive whiteboard which uses IBM’s Watson intelligence and voice technologies to support voice […]

Drag-and-Drop: Why it’s time to let go

It seems everyone loves the drag-and-drop in eLearning. Beau takes a look at its long, complex history and why it needs to end. The origins of it […]

Icon Inspirations for E-learning designers

A purpose, an intention, a design, strikes everywhere even the careless, the most stupid thinker — David Hume The basic idea to design is to communicate and if […]

Very well done! Can you image this as a VR or MR-based app?! Also, check out these ideas about what our lives — & world — might be like in the future!

From DSC: Can you imagine this as a virtual reality or a mixed reality-based app!?! Very cool. This resource is incredible on multiple levels: For […]

Expect voice, VR and AR to dominate UX design [Forbes Technology Council]

Expect voice, VR and AR to dominate UX design — from forbes.com by the Forbes Technology Council Excerpt: User interfaces have come a long way […]

A smorgasboard of ideas to put on your organization’s radar! [Christian]

From DSC: At the Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference, held recently in San Diego, CA, I moderated a panel discussion re: AR, VR, and MR.  […]

VR, AR, & MR: A free PowerPoint from me to you [Christian]

From DSC: As I was putting together a PowerPoint slideshow for our Teaching & Learning Digital Studio, I figured I might as well make it […]

Are Your Learners Ready for eLearning?

Defining Your Audience's Tech Profile Too often, associations interested in establishing new online learning programs focus first upon technology. That’s an eLearning strategy misfire. Technology […]

Want assistance on an AR-related project? Perhaps one of these companies can help you out!

The 10 Best Augmented Reality (AR) App Development Companies in the World Excerpt: Finding the best way to position and utilise your business when you’re […]

Into the e-Learning world with Erich Renken

We talked to Erich Renken, an instructional designer at United Educators about how he got into instructional design, his team, his approach to designing courses, […]

Can Virtual Reality “teach” empathy? [Berdik]

Can Virtual Reality “teach” empathy? — from hechingerreport.org by Chris Berdik Immersive VR in the classroom is spreading fast, as teachers take students into other […]