The Future of Learning

What’s so great about sci-fi and fantasy? These genres allow us to explore complicated ideas in an intriguing way, and both students and adults love […]

Watchworthy Wednesday: Playing with Realities

The new Bloomsbury book, “Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay,” prompted its editors Antero Garcia and Greg Niemeyer to offer a symposium […]

Is A New Google VR Headset Coming?

Digital Bodies: According to Variety, a new Google VR headset will be announced at the upcoming I/O conference. Google’s conference runs Wednesday through Friday of this week and […]

AR and VR News at the Google I/O Event

Digital Bodies: It’s no surprise that there has been a flood of AR and VR news at the Google I/O event. As we predicted, Google announced a […]

Microsoft HoloLens and Cirque du Soleil Collaborate on New MR Tools

Digital Bodies: Thinking of Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality often brings me back to my childhood. Remembering how the worn-out toys in my hands could be […]

Benefits of Virtual Reality in eLearning and Development

What do you think of or imagine when you hear the words Virtual Reality (VR), and do you have any idea what is the use […]

Microsoft’s View Mixed Reality is Bringing 3D and MR to Education

Digital Bodies: Microsoft’s new View Mixed Reality feature was announced last week along with new Surface Laptops and its new Windows 10 S operating system. Of course, […]

David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 5/8/17

I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day, and every Monday I curate a few of my favorites for members of […]

VR Content Challenges: Facebook Closing Oculus Story Studio

Digital Bodies: The news of Facebook closing Oculus Story Studio caught us by surprise. We were counting on seeing more VR films and projects from […]

Using Mobile VR to Convey WONDER

Last year, I was gob-smacked on a trip to D.C. by the temporary WONDER exhibit at the Renwick Gallery (and wrote about it here). Last […]

ELI Webinar | Virtual and Augmented Reality: Stepping Into the New Frontier of Learning

Digital Bodies: Welcome to our ELI Webinar, “Virtual and Augmented Reality: Stepping Into the New Frontier of Learning.” We have included information on the event […]

Metafocus: You Say You Want a(n Educational) Revolution by Matt Sparks

Everybody says it: Virtual reality will revolutionize education. In this column, you’ll find an example lesson plan to demonstrate to teachers and instructional designers just […]