Time: Design's 4th Dimension

Screen real estate is limited. Make better use of the space you have by using time to control what shows when. This post was first […]

CanvasCon2017: Designing Your Course for Student Success

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The Surge in Corporate Training Video: 6 Styles to Engage Your Learners

During our annual development team retrospective, we realized that video has begun to comprise an increasingly larger share of our project portfolio. The growing demand […]

“The world’s first smart #AugmentedReality for the Connected Home has arrived. [thunderclap.it]

“The world’s first smart #AugmentedReality for the Connected Home has arrived.  — from thunderclap.it From DSC: Note this new type of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). […]

9 Visual Elements EVERY Online Training Course Must Have

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Dialing Up a Delicious Color of the Year

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Making Text Work with Images

Making text work with images is a big part of e-learning - and this ELH Challenge. Here's my artisan entry. Read more...

In the future, I’d like to see holograms provide stunning visual centerpieces for libraries, classrooms, & more. [Christian]

From DSC: In the future, I’d like to see holograms provide stunning visual centerpieces for the entrance ways into libraries, or in our classrooms, or […]