Google Glass Act 2: from Consumer to Enterprise Edition

Digital Bodies: Google Glass has reappeared, this time in an Enterprise Edition. What a rocky ride this wearable has had. Glass was publicly announced way […]

The Bracelet That Can Predict Asthma Attacks

Wearable devices have become increasingly powerful in recent years, with a growing range of both monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.  The latest device of this ilk […]

Wearable tech to keep health workers safe

My partner works in community health and so she finds herself going out into the homes of her clients to discuss their health.  Suffice to […]

Meet Loop, the healthcare wristband

Wearable devices have promised to make a significant impact on healthcare for sometime, but a major challenge remains ensuring that they are clinically validated, and […]

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

2017 Internet Trends Report — from by Mary Meeker     Mary Meeker’s 2017 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis — from […]

Google Launch Landmark Medical Research

Recently I touched on the launch of the new health watch released by Google’s life science division Verily. The device, known as the Study Watch, […]

Verily Release Study Watch For Medical Research

The growing value of data in healthcare is a topic I’ve touched on increasingly in the past few months.  A good example of the possibilities […]

The ring that monitors your vitamin D levels

Wearable devices have become increasingly adept at monitoring a range of bodily signals.  One of the more interesting has been developed by Dutch company e-Senses, […]

The latest generation of health and fitness wearables

Whilst most wearable technologies have been bits of hardware, such as watches, there are a growing number of tools that are built into clothing itself. […]

Behind the Buzzwords

What eLearning trends mean for Associations As digital learning opportunities swell across industries, trend watchers predict which shifts organizations should heed. Buzzwords like microlearning, mobile […]

Bringing sports analytics to a cricket ball

The number of new sporting products emerging with data tracking, and subsequently AI, capabilities built into them has mushroomed in recent years. I’ve covered a […]

SXSW Announces Winners for 2017 Accelerator Pitch Event []

SXSW Announces Winners for 2017 Accelerator Pitch Event — from Pitch competition showcased global startups featuring cutting-edge innovation in 10 technology categories Excerpt: The […]