10 Principles For An Effective Web Design

Today, owning a brilliant website seems to be a must-have for a successful business! In light of that, here are some insights that will certainly […]

40 Free Icon Sources for Web Designers

Finding the right icon for your web projects can be a time consuming search. Finding the right color, size and format once you have the […]

Inspirational Nugget: Look for Inspiration

My team has been designing some new templates and branding elements lately, so today’s Inspirational Nugget is inspired by inspiration! I know it’s easy to […]

Journey TemplateMonster: Interview with David Braun, CEO

TemplateMonster was founded to make web development more accessible for web-studios.Started in 2002 , they have grown to a collection of 26000 templates adding new templates […]

9 Rescue websites for frontend developers

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” […]

3 simple steps to rock your on-page SEO [infographic]

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Introducing You to Keeping Safe

  Every once in a while an eLearning project comes along that stops you in your tracks. It’s the kind of project that just gets […]

Placement students share their experience of Aurion

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment to create opportunities for young people to learn new skills and prepare them for a career […]

Research reminds us of the potential for unintended consequences online

It’s common on websites such as LinkedIn for users to activate the anonymous feature that lets them browse the site hidden from those they have […]

Patterns in Learning Experience Design

So I recently read this interesting article about content and display patterns in web design: http://danielmall.com/articles/content-display-patterns/ The upshot of the article is these important bullet points: That […]

Amazing Web Design Facts

Photoshop: The Graphics Editing Overlord

Who amongst us hasn’t heard of Photoshop? It has almost become synonymous with graphic image editing, for both recreational and professional purposes.  Ever since its […]