My respect for worksheets

Are you someone that uses worksheets in your teaching? I am, despite the fact that I’ve read different blog posts and articles from educators that […]


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Building Community With Peer Mentors

“The more I give my teacher-power to students and encourage them to take more responsibility for their own learning, the more they show me how […]

Giving feedback

For the supervisor, feedback is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the whole supervision process. The intention of feedback is to enable the recipient to […]

The Truth About Pinched Head

People are always asking me how we came up with the name Pinched Head for our company so I decided to set the record straight […]

5 resources that improve your writings skills

Everybody needs good writing skill either its education or business because writing is involved in the majority parts of our lives from educational assignment, CV […]

The Close of a Chapter: Plugging into the Virtual Community

This post was written by Olivia, a student in the FLVS Creative Writing Club. As I near the end of my high school career, I can’t […]

Tag It with Social Media Magnetic Poetry

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away in many schools… That’s the good news! But that means it’s also that time of the year […]

Faculty members & teachers: Do your students a huge favor & assign them a digital communications project next time.

From DSC and Adobe — for faculty members and teachers out there: Do your students an enormous favor by assigning them a digital communications project. […]

E-learning Shift: 10 Online Courses You Should Consider Applying For in 2017

Learning should not stop when you leave the classroom. Whether you are a recent graduate or a professional with years of experience under your belt, […]

A Note on Details: Which versus What?

When writing multiple choice questions, do you ever wonder whether the stem should read “what option should you choose” or “which option should you choose”? […]

Newspaper Fun with the Fodey Web Tool

Simple… Free… Effective… Three reasons why we’re bringing back a web tool from the edtech archives. And it goes something like this… Fodey is a […]