Basketball Golf

  Basketball Golf State Standard: 1, 2, & 4 Equipment: One basketball per student, poly spots, score sheets, & pencils Grade: 3-5 Purpose of Event: Shooting Technique & […]


if( document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ) ) document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ).insertAdjacentHTML( "beforebegin", "" ); Let’s take a quick break from blogging and talk about “de-gamification”. Yes, you read that […]

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers State Standard: 1, 2, & 4 Equipment: Several cones, poly spots, different fitness equipment (dumbbells, medicine ball, jungle jims, jump ropes, and/or cup stacks), […]

Re-discovering YouTube as a Teaching/Learning Tool

Tonight I am “rediscovering” teaching/learning tools: specifically Skitch (for screenshots and annotating screenshots, Screenflow for screencasting, and YouTube). How do you use YouTube? How might […]

Silent Youtube Lesson: Flipping the Video

Here is an interesting way to teach a lesson that came from the mind of Kevin Honeycutt: Suppose...

We should rethink our definition of ‘wasting time’

On Sunday, I was cleaning the kitchen. On hands and knees scrubbing the floor, to be more specific. (Yep, I’m that guy, and that’s OK […]

Paul Wilson Adobe Captivate LIVE STREAM – Monday 8PM UTC

On Monday, February 27th (or after) click here to watch participate in the live stream on YouTube. I will be answering your Adobe Captivate questions […]

10-Part “Advanced Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind!” Part 1 – Fundations Progress Monitoring Sheet

On February 16th, 2017, I gave a presentation to a packed house entitled “10 Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind (plus some tips and tricks).” […]

The Surge in Corporate Training Video: 6 Styles to Engage Your Learners

During our annual development team retrospective, we realized that video has begun to comprise an increasingly larger share of our project portfolio. The growing demand […]

Basketball Scrabble

Basketball Scrabble State Standard: 1, 2, & 4 Equipment: Several basketballs, pencils, scratch paper, cones, several noodles (cut to smaller sizes) with letters of alphabet on […]


Germball State Standard: 1, 2, & 4 Equipment: Cageball, Exercise (stability) Ball , Poly Spots, & gator skin balls. Grade: K-3 (4-5 possibly) Purpose of Event: Throwing […]


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