The Suspenseful Season Finale of Training

It’s the season finale of your favorite show. You’re glued to the chair as everything falls apart. Your favorite character is in mortal peril and then the screen is suddenly black. No, not a cliffhanger! Are they going to make it? What happens next? You simply need to know. And that’s why you’ll watch the next season.

Cliffhangers keep us interested. If a question is posed we want to know the answer. If a story is started we want to see how it ends. It’s natural. And it may help explain why training, especially self-paced eLearning, is often considered dull. It frequently dumps information on the learner, telling them all sorts of things. But it doesn’t usually plant any burning questions in their mind. A lot of the time the only questions are the knowledge checks or the quiz at the end.

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