The Top Four Benefits of Teaching Online

Written by: Elizabeth Jamison

Jennifer had been mentally outlining her novel for years, but with her hectic schedule, she never managed to find the time to write. Suzanne dreamed of running her own business, but was afraid to leave the comfortable safety of her current, stagnant job. At sixty-two, Joe was tired of the rat-race. He wanted “out” but didn’t know how to get there. Beth was a high school teacher, and although she loved teaching, she was tired of the endless bureaucracy and after-hours work that went along with the job.

Many hard-working people today are starting to lose hope in their own personal American Dream. It’s not because they don’t have goals and aspirations. In fact, it’s just the opposite. For those of us who dream big, sometimes it is simply too painful to allow “big” thoughts to enter our minds when we are at our everyday job. We are adults after all–adults with responsibilities.

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