The year of VR is kicked off with the commercial release of the new Oculus Rift!

Image for The year of VR is kicked off with the commercial release of the new Oculus Rift!

There is a buzz in the air today at the eLearning Studios office, because the Oculus Rift consumer edition is finally here. We have been developing for the Oculus platform for 2 years now, across industry sectors for everything from fire-safety compliance training, to training brand ambassadors in a new luxury anti-acing beauty cream, and it continues to be shown as the most immersive learning technology on the market.

The new Rift is the first VR headset available commercially by the industry leaders at Oculus and Facebook. With improved assets all around, we can't wait to get our hands on it - and neither can our clients!
2016 is said to be the year of VR, and in the second week of January it certainly looks like that will be true!

To experience the learning power VR can bring to your organisation, be sure to catch us in London on the 3-4 of February for the Learning and Technologies event at stand U7 where we will be giving visitors free demonstrations of some of our latest simulations. Or contact us to set up a one-to-one meeting at your offices to discuss your learning technology needs for 2016.

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