Themes in learning in 2016 – where we are and what’s around the corner

As we have completed another year of learning in the workplace, we are faced with an opportunity to look at developments, and to note several themes from 2016 which have led to much discussion amongst Learning and Development practitioners. In an ever changing world, and an increasingly fluid and dispersed workplace, it is wise to take notice of these developments in order to better understand modern learning techniques and trends. We need to know where learning will take us, what the future holds, and how businesses can benefit.

Above all, one thing is certain. The expectations of business don’t change. In the corporate world where cost is king, and time is such a precious commodity, business leaders are looking to Learning and Development providers with a keen focus on ‘time to productivity’. They need and will expect more ‘bang to their buck’. Technology and new ways of thinking about learning provide us with fresh opportunity to meet these increasing demands.

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