To eLearn or Not To eLearn? The 8 Types of Learners

When I was in the fourth grade, I remember sitting down on the carpet with the rest of my class while our teacher told us we were each unique and special, but not in the same way we had been told before. Mrs. Campbell went on to give us each a mini-quiz to determine what kind of learner we were, and for each project throughout the year, the “kinesthetic” learners would have a different assignment than the “logical/mathematical” learners and the “verbal/linguistic” learners would differ from those two and so on and so forth.

There has since been much debate on Howard Gardner’s theories of Multiple Intelligences. While it is rare that one person learns in only one of these ways, some can be more dominant than others in an individual and, just how each teacher has varying methods of teaching best, each learner has a different way of learning. The following are eight theoretical “Types of Learners,” and what kind of elearning course might best suit them.

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