Touching the Future: Augmenting Reality in Education – talking to Tryggvi Thayer

The future is a big place, and the use of technology in learning makes it even bigger. Tryggvi Thayer from the University of Iceland and Karl Friðriksson from the Innovation Center Iceland will present a workshop entitled “Educator’s Visions for the Future of Education and Educational Technology” to show the future to educators and policy makers, so harnessing the power of education can start this June at MidSummit in Reykjavik.


By Jason Kenny


Tryggvi Thayer is a researcher and consultant at the University of Iceland specialising in education futurisation. He identifies the ways to direct the findings from education futurists to direct policy-making processes, marking a practical approach to education futures. At Midsummit this June, Thayer will present the future to all levels of educators – from teachers to policy makers – in a practical workshop. This moves beyond the methods in the classroom, beyond traditional book-and-board methods, and includes policy approaches as well as technologies that have barely been conceived of. The future is not so far away.

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