Using Scenario-based Learning for Manufacturing Training

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<!--NOTE ABOUT OUR DESIRED THUMBNAIL IMAGE This is an article about Scenario-based learning. That means putting someone in a "work-like" situation or scenario and having them make decisions/solve problems as a way to learn. So really, the idea is they are faced with a scenario and they have to do this or that or the other thing. One easy idea for a thumbnail image would be an arrow that branches off into a few different directions. Maybe a brain (to show someone is working through a problem) with a single arrow that leads from brain to a question mark and then off in a few different directions (2 or 3, perhaps). Or something similar. HERE'S the real blog post (below, at least the start of it)-->

If you read current literature on training, one of the things you’ll read about a lot is scenario-based learning. This goes by other names, too, including immersive learning and problem-based learning. For this article, we’re going to stick with scenario-based learning.

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