Webinar: Future of eLearning – The Death of the LMS and eLearning s Next Generation of Tools

Have you heard of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), SCORM, or XAPI? In last week’s webinar we heard from the team that created these standards in eLearning. This recording of that webinar covers adaptive learning, experiential learning, and how xAPI is being applied to provide just-in-time knowledge at the point of need. We discussed how to build the right design and deployment strategy to leverage these techniques, what is next in the learning industry, how data and analytics will set the path for the future of learning, and how to prepare for the next generation of learning tools.

The two presenters are Bill West, our executive director at eLearning Brothers Custom, joined by Mike Hruska, the founder and CEO of Problem Solutions and the person who invented and introduced xAPI to the eLearning industry.

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