Webinar – How to grow your people into being self-guided learners

The 70:20:10 learning model means a shift for everyone involved in learning. L&D professionals need to become learning ecosystem designers. Managers need to become learning leaders. And team members need to become self-directed in their learning.

Often, the effect of the 70:20:10 model on learners is not given enough attention. This webinar will focus on practical strategies and approaches to help your people become self-guided learners.  

Topics to be covered:   

Blended learning strategies that embed self-directed learning     

How to foster curiosity and reflection in your learners

Building a culture of continuous learning    

The format of our webinars is a mixture of presentation and interaction. Expect to spend the session brainstorming and learning from your peers. We won’t record the live session but if you are not able to attend we will send you a separate recording and the resources afterward. 

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