Your very own winter holiday season networking game

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Holiday season is approaching and indoor events are on the full course. For this jolly time we have baked a clue game. You can find an “Winter holiday networking game” in the Game Library. It is an indoor clue game with some physical team tasks and season’s themed questions.

You can copy the game easily to your own Loquiz account like this:

If your client is having an event you can suggest it as an extra bonus activity. Then you can add couple of clues to the bunch that are customized according to the company. Some ideas for that can be found in this thorough post about corporate clue game.  Also check out some tips to gamify corporate facts here.

And of course thinking out some clues and questions that are locations specific to the venue are a sure way to impress. Go ahead and count up those chandeliers and find out what is the administrators pet frog name. : )

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