10 Basic Rules of Critical Business Thinking and Problem Solving

And just like that it’s July, 2017 and the 3rd Quarter is now underway. 

In the USA, this week of July 4th is much like the first week in January where many business professionals take some time after a major holiday to reflect back and look ahead.  For business leaders focused on learning from the challenges of the first half of the year so they are able to produce the results needed for the second half, they will be thinking about the business skills needed to close the business gaps and the skills needed when hiring and onboarding new talent.  But what are the gaps and how do they close them?

Based on my experiences over the past 25+ years working in the corporate training and develop market we have to look no further than a landmark survey by The Economist just a couple of years ago.  The reason I like this survey so much is that it takes an unbiased perspective of the US market from experts outside of the US market.  Chocked full of valuable data and insights, there is one question which I think is appropriate to visit this week and that is:

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