10 Nutrition Hacks That Will Supercharge Your Workout Infographic

10 Nutrition Hacks That Will Supercharge Your Workout Infographic

It is a bit of a cliché to tell you that “abs are built in the kitchen” but the truth is that nutrition plays a vital role in your workout results. This infographic gathers 10 nutrition hacks that will help you maximize your workout efforts and help you get the results you want faster and easier.

Pre-Workout Meal

1. What time should I have my pre-workout meal?
You should eat your pre-workout meal 1 to 3 hours before the workout. Experiment in this timeframe to see what works better for yourself.​

2. What Should I eat to have energy during workout?
Medium- to fast-digesting proteins (Egg Whites, Chicken Breast, Tuna, Low Fat Milk) and slower-digesting carbohydrates (wild rice, red potatoes, beans, yams).

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