13 Time-Saving Grading Hacks from the Experts

I dare you to think of the worst part of teaching. Go ahead. What drives you crazy in the teaching world?

Well, if you’re like most, grading is probably among your top five inconveniences. It’s time consuming, tedious, and sometimes downright dull. But there are shockingly simple ways to make grading easier and faster. And less soul-slaying, let’s be honest.

If you’re ready to change your life around and have more time at the end of a long day, say no more. Here are some ingenuous grading hacks used by teaching professionals just like you . . .

1. Give fewer, more meaningful assignments—What? People do this?! In all seriousness, how many busy-work assignments do you spend hundreds of hours grading? And for what? If the students aren’t even learning something valuable, what’s the point? To spare your sanity, look at each and every assignment and ask yourself, “Is this actually helping my students learn?”

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