702010 and the Spaces in Between

There’s so much being said in the ‘social ether’ right now about 702010 – questioning its relevance and its usefulness and while I’ve contributed some thoughts on Twitter etc, I think the best contribution I can make is to share my experience with the framework in a real business context.

Before I go there, I want to make an observation about 702010. The most important parts of the framework as you look at it aren’t the numbers. It’s in the spaces between the numbers where the real significance is found. Without the spaces we would have one number and we would then deny the fact that learning is a process – a continuous process.  The actual numbers don’t matter and as Charles Jennings has said many times will vary with different contexts and needs. Learning is a process and if we continue to question that fact, we doom learning to irrelevance as people will find their own learning when they need it outside event driven training via the multitude of avenues available through technology, fellow workers and other means.

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