A change is gonna come: Rippling the waters of corporate learning

Corporate learning professionals are facing the impact of a wind of change. The way we learn, and the way we think about the way we learn, is about to undergo a shift in shape and strength. In just a couple of decades, learning in the workplace has moved away from being an unpopular necessity and has become an industry in its own right. Technology has been the driving force behind this rapid development and it is technology once more that will bring the new changes we are now beginning to see.

Just a couple of decades ago, our experience of training involved teams of bored colleagues, hotel function suites, bad coffee, and more interest in the biscuit selection than in the actual content of the training. Then, in the late 90s, technology came along to change the way we think about Learning and Development. Since those heady days, L&D has moved forward, always evolving alongside the technology. Companies and organisations have built Learning Management Systems (LMS) into their day to day operations. The L&D market of today has an estimated worth of $130 billion.

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