A Promise to My Kid’s Teacher

We are both teachers.
Invariably one of us will have more experience. I promise not to lord that over you or be intimidated by yours.

A Promise to My Kid’s Teacher #edchat
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In the rush of our lives, we will misspell, lose our temper, or just plain get something wrong.

One of us will forget something, okay many somethings.

But I promise to see the good you do for my child.

I promise to believe in you and him enough to let him be your student.
I promise to learn from you as my child does. I promise to identify your ways of teaching and admire them, not wish they were mine, not want to show you a better way.

That is hard for me as a teacher, but I value you and what you can give my child enough to do that.

He will fail at something, you will fail, I will fail. But I promise.

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