A Quick Dive Into Camtasia 9 and eLearning Brothers Camtasia Templates

The long wait is over, and the New Camtasia 9 was released today! In addition to the 8 things we learned about it when they announced the new editing software, we are excited about a few additional things.

First of all, all of the Camtasia 8 templates made by eLearning Brothers will still work perfectly in Camtasia 9.

Second, Camtasia 9 has a new feature called “Behaviors” that work wonders on text, but are also able to be applied to any other asset allowing you to have all kinds of pre-built animations at your fingertips.

Third, the transitions and animations options have expanded. My personal new favorite animation is the “Restore” animation. This exactly reverses the last animation to be used on a particular item. This makes moving on and off of the screen extremely easy.

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