A Simple Reason to Use Captivate Templates

In case you didn’t know it yet, Adobe Captivate 9 now comes standard with eLearning Brothers templates and cut out people out of the box. While we think that this alone is good enough to start using the templates, we wanted to offer you offer you a better, simpler reason. Using eLearning Brothers templates in your Adobe Captivate course will provide you with stunning visuals that will also save you development time. It really is just that simple! Take a look at these Captivate templates and see.

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The Simple template color scheme gives a luxurious feel with a warm orange resembling gold on a dark background. The Layout and Theme templates also add in the feel of boating off the coast, adding a lavish atmosphere of world travel and ease to your learning content. Not all training needs to spell doom for your learners, and putting a learners mind at ease can help to encourage them as they learn. The Simple templates are great for making your content feel optimistic and light-hearted.

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