Anonymity in Mobile Messaging: Criminalization, Luxury, Permission, and Persistent Presentation of Self

Clearly a favorite subject of mine, I am returning yet again to the subject of surveillance and privacy in the digital and attempting, clumsily, to link that to development work and my work at the Centre for Research in Digital Education. Just yesterday, James Lamb and I were using Telegram to pilot our mLearning idea for the upcoming Bremm17 Conference in Bremen. I have been circling this subject a bit in my own way in these posts, but basically I am trying to explore the role of anonymity in education and how it can be a positive principle for digital education. I am curious to identify and advance models for education in eras of mass surveillance and how these might ethically be expressed in different contexts. So I have discussed a bit this from a few different perspectives as best illustrated in thee posts: 

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