Articulate Guru Contest 2015

Articulate announced their Guru Contest 2015 last month, and the closing date is getting near.  Elearning Laboratory in conjunction with Perfect Performance Training we have built an entry for this years competition.  I thought it would be fun to set up a countdown for the last 9 days of the competition.  Once the countdown hits zero we will post out entry for everyone to see.  To anyone who wants to enter go for it and good luck!


07Days 08Hours 53Minutes 44Seconds jQuery(document).ready(function(){ setInterval(function(){countdown_wpdevart_timer('main_countedown_1');},1000) }); #main_countedown_1 .countdown{text-align:center;}#main_countedown_1 .countdown{margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:10px}#main_countedown_1 .time_left{ border-radius:8px; background-color:#3DA8CC; font-size:23px; font-family:monospace; color:#000000; } #main_countedown_1 .time_description{ font-size:23px; font-family:monospace; color:#000000; } #main_countedown_1 .element_conteiner{min-width:90px}

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Playing Games: Experimenting with Game Makers ELS2015: Training is Not the Answer (presentation by Ugboajah, PhD)

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